60 sounds better than 57

So yesterday I happened to stumble upon the Coach website (Ha! Yea right, I was shopping) and discovered their guest bloggers page. I’d seen it before but their newest featured blogger really caught my attention. For one the bags she was photographed with were gorgeous! I immediately put them in my Wish List (Shopping Cart) and planned how many meals I would have to skip in order to buy one of them with its pretty little $1200 price tag. Yes I know! Ridiculous. But a girl can dream. Anyhow I navigated to her website/blog and noticed the other reason why she caught my eye. She is also a J. Crew addict fan. By the way here’s her site: www.mystylepill.com I have already added it to my Bookmarks.

I looked at how she was wearing her clothes and it inspired me. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look in my closet and say that I have nothing to wear, which is a lie because I have 2 (Yea I said it) 2 walk in closets. One for tops, skirts, and dresses, and the other for sweaters and jackets. Needless to say I have plenty to wear. Not only that but I have just about every staple item you are supposed to have. Black pencil skirts, black pumps, beige pumps, riding boots, ankle booties, cardigans, peacoats, utility jackets, etc. Although I don’t have a bomber jacket or a leather jacket. However due to the fact that I live in Florida, it’s not at the top of my priority list.

So in any case, I decided to do inventory on my closet. AKA, reorganize it. I had always hear that you should store your shoes in the boxes to keep them looking new and fresh. While it is a great idea and does keep them looking new, that’s probably due largely in part to the fact that you forget they are in the box and therefore forget to wear them. So I decided to nix the boxing strategy and organize all of my shoes in the bottom of my closet. I assumed they would take up  one side and that I would use the other side for my handbags, which let me just say that I have a lot of handbags, and expensive ones. Coach should be grateful to have a consumer such as my self.

Anywho, I started lining up all of my shoes. And I must say I have a pretty nice shoe collection, and lots of heels. It’s funny because I don’t wear heels very often. Probably because the office I work in is pretty casual and not that my heels are fancy but, well, they’re not casual. In any case, I have a shoe for ALMOST any occasion. When I finally finished lining up and organizing my shoes this is what I was left with.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...

Boots and flats on one side…

Stillettos, Pumps, Slingbacks, Oh My!

And heels for days on the other. 57 pair! 57 pairs of shoes!! I could wear a different pair EVERY WEEK and I would only have worn each pair once in an entire year!! What would my father say. He probably wouldn’t say anything, just shake his head and ask me why I needed so many pairs or where I was going to need so many different kinds. If I ever say that I have no shoes to wear with an outfit I am LYING! Although I have been eyeballing this pair of brown oxfords at Nordstrom by Steve Madden. Oxfords are a staple shoe right? And besides. 60 sounds better than 57 anyways ;).




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