Act Now, Regret Later?

So I have somewhat tried to live by the saying of, “When your life flashes before your eyes, make sure it’s something worth watching.” It’s in my little blurb box on my Facebook page, and I think about it before I do something stupid as a way of justifying it. Somehow today I started thinking about the chat that’s going to happen when I meet my maker. Or I guess the person that reads out my offenses and decides if my lifetime in eternity is going to be pleasant and enjoyable or Hell basically. I can see it now. The massive book they will pull out with pages filled with all of my sins. And the person asking me why I continued to keep messing up even when I knew it was wrong.


But even when I say that it doesn’t deter me from the fact that I know I’m going to sin many times over the next month. And I don’t mean little sins like taking a jolly rancher from someone without asking. Or maybe even giving cursing someone out when they cut you off on your way to work. No I mean the big sins. Which leads me to I guess the heart of this post as to why some people are so hypocritical as to which commandments or orders by God they choose to follow. Case in point, homosexuality. People constantly cite the Bible saying how homosexuality is a sin and anyone who is homosexual is going straight to hell. Yet those same people will then turn around and have all the premarital sex their bodies can handle. What gives? Do you think that just because you ask for forgiveness that it goes away? Yes it will be forgiven, but don’t be surprised when all of your little indiscretions pop up in that book come judgement day. And be prepared to have a good answer when they ask why you sinned the first time and continued to sin.



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