Everything’s Changing

I’ve come to realize that I downplay things. A lot. For instance, I am starting graduate school this fall and packing up and moving to FL. Everyone around me seems to think it’s a big deal but for some reason it either hasn’t hit me, or I am trying to trick myself into not making a big deal about it. I mean, I will have a masters degree by the time I’m 24. That’s quite an achievement. But it seems like it’s a regular occurrence to me. Something that you are supposed to do. I guess that’s the blessing and curse of having a mother who has several masters degrees and a dad that has a Ph.D along with friends who are heading off to graduate schools across the country. It brings new meaning to the saying, “Watch the company you keep.” When you have ambitious and successful friends that help motivate you will it ever be enough though? What is it that we’re chasing out of life?


Today I finished packing up my apartment. It was funny to see all that I had collected over the years here in Austin. It was also interesting to see what things I’d kept that had no value other than memories and sentimental value. While packing I hadn’t realized how much I enjoyed living here. Aside from attending one of the best universities that will always have a special place in my heart, Austin will also hold a special place as well. It’s funny how much I took for granted. The little things like going for a run at Town Lake, or never being shocked by anything I saw downtown or anywhere in the city. The range of things to do, the liberalness of the city, and tons of other things. I forget that this has been my home for four years and now I’m leaving and headed to another home to make new memories. It’s funny to think that this time last year I was so ready to get out of the miserable heat and routine of Austin. But now I find myself getting slightly sentimental when I think of all the people I’ll leave behind and how I’ll have to make new friends in FL. But I know that it is yet another adventure that is sure to bring with it challenges and laughs along the way.



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