Moments to Live For

As of late, I have found myself constantly counting down to something or wishing time would speed up. Wishing I could wake up and it would be August. Hoping the semester goes by quickly. Counting down until Christmas. Counting down until May when I will be halfway through my program. Forever counting down to something and then finding something else to count down to. All this counting down has caused me to lose sight of the present.


I remember in a class I had where one of the students did a project where she got input from people on reasons to live or things to live for. It made me think of my own moments that have made life worth living for. So I decided I would jot some of them down here. Enjoy 🙂


The feeling of cool bed sheets.

The calmness of the early morning.

Laughing so hard you snort, cry, and your abs are sore.

Making eye contact with your special someone from across the room.

The awkward moment before a first kiss.

The joy of Christmas morning.

A night on the town with my girls.

Drunk texts from your crazy best friends.

Riding the DC metro while listening to my ipod.

Going home.

The taste of REAL southern sweet tea.

Seeing an item you’ve been wanting on sale!

Driving at night with all of the windows down.

The smell and sound of the ocean.

Witnessing a miracle.


The unconditional love of my dogs.

Conquering your fears.

Using a GRE word in a sentence correctly.

The smell of fall.

Watching the snow fall.

Driving through the back roads of Virginia in the middle of October when the all the leaves are changing colors.

Inside jokes.

Successfully cooking something you’ve never made before.

Times Square at night.

UT football games.

The feeling of sand between your toes.

Experiencing something new.

Calm silence.

Catching lightning bugs in the summer.

Movie nights with my brother.

Game nights with my family.

Fresh baguettes.

Deep and intimate conversations.

Walking through the streets of Paris and hearing an impromptu concert by a violinist.

The excitement of traveling to a different country.

Chocolate covered strawberries.

Long runs.


The smell of rain.

A good cry.

The smell of lavender and vanilla.

Waking up to the smell of fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

Finding a passage in the Bible that speaks to you and tugs at your heart.

Movies with happy endings.

Seeing a shooting star.

Seeing a solar/lunar eclipse.

Making a bucket list and checking off things as you do them.

Snuggling up in a blanket fresh out of the dryer.

Knowing that you mean something to somebody.



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