New Beginnings

So this blog post was going to be somewhat depressing due to the fact that I am now newly single. But this morning I logged onto facebook and saw a video that completely changed my attitude. It’s a video of a girl that is standing and dancing in front of a mirror talking about all of the things that she loves about herself and her life. The concept was so simple but so profound.


So many times whenever things are going bad or not as well as we would have hoped we get into a funk and forget about all of the many blessings that we have. I am reminded of that as I go through this transition in my life. I couldn’t imagine having gone through the past couple of days without my friends giving me words of encouragement and reminding me how awesome I am. 🙂


And while I brought it up, I may as well talk about it. Well my boyfriend and I ended our relationship. There were other factors to its end but it was mostly just the distance now that I am off in FL for grad school. I wasn’t upset with him for ending things, but it was more so the idea that I wasn’t the one. That I wasn’t worth fighting for. And I don’t believe that that was it, but it really was just the distance issue. I mean, being thousands of miles from someone for two years would be hard for anyone. And I am truly grateful that we ended things now as opposed to later on down the road.


So here I am now. Sitting in bed spending the day chatting with my friends, planning vacations, and preparing for the next chapter of my life. And I know that I will be ok. That simple video of the girl being so excited about everything she liked in her life inspired me. For the past few nights I have fallen asleep saying one simple prayer, God give me the strength. And he has and he will continue to do so.





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