Orlando Day 2

So I arrived in Orlando yesterday afternoon after a two day road trip from Austin. I made pretty good time and the trip actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be thanks to a little help from Eminem, Celine Dione, and a few other artists. It’s strange to be here not as a vacationer but as a new resident who will be living here for the next two years. I am secretly already counting down until I’m done with the program. I think I just have a lot of pre-school jitters. I mean this is a lot different from when I went to undergrad to TX, which I am unfortunately just now realizing. When I went to UT as a freshman, granted I didn’t know anyone, but I was living in a dorm on campus immersed in the “freshman experience”. Between this and having a cool roommate, I was able to make friends rather friendly. This grad school thing, however, is a completely different experience. I’m not moving into a dorm (in fact I’m about 15-20 minutes away from campus), and I don’t have class every day, nor will there be a welcome event similar to that of the freshman one. Mix that with the fact that I am completely alone in my apt waiting for my furniture to arrive and with too much time on my hands and you have yourself a recipe for disaster.


I know that when I look back on this moment, I’ll hopefully feel really grateful that I took a chance and got out of my comfort zone. Until then I will be counting down the days until I see a familiar face.



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