Reflecting…Yet Again

If u find urself in a place u’ve been before, ask urself “What is Life trying 2 teach me that I missed the 1st time?” #TheSW


This quote was tweeted by the Single Woman and I found it particularly interesting. Since I am newly single, I decided to follow the single woman for daily words of encouragement. It’s funny because I haven’t been truly single for a couple of years. Whenever one of my relationships end I somehow either find myself in another relationship or was already drifting towards another relationship. Emotionally cheating if you will, which is the worst kind of cheating. (Damn, just realized I was emotional cheater as I wrote that. Separate post to come on that subject).


In any case, as I mentioned in my previous blog, distance was the reason for the demise of my relationship. And when I saw that tweet by the SW I wondered what life was trying to teach me. Just about every relationship I have been in has been a long distance one at some point. Every. Single. One. Which makes me wonder why I continue to find my self in LDRs. Am I running from commitment and so I move away from relationships or do I just have the worst possible luck with finding someone in my own area. Take my last relationship for example. He was in the same city as me and it was great because we were able to see each other everyday. However, I was in my last semester of undergrad and applying to graduate schools. I had no intentions of staying in Texas after I graduated and planned on moving to the East Coast and didn’t apply to any schools in TX or near TX for that matter. And of course as the relationship grew more serious I began to regret that decision. But hey, life is cruel and evil and sometimes has terrible timing.


My Ex before that lived two hours away and our relationship ultimately ended because I didn’t want to move to where he lived. As far as I was concerned, from a job and school prospect, there was nothing there for me to do so it would not have been a good move. So here I am, in a place I’ve been before wondering how I managed to find my way here yet again. And honestly, I have no idea.



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