So my time here at UT has finally come to an end. It’s so hard to believe that I’ve been here for four years already. People always say that it flies by but I never thought that it actually would. Most of my friends are excited to finally leave UT and get on with their lives. I, however, am panicking.


I applied and had an interview for a job last week and will find out later on this week if I got it. As I thought about it today I realized how unprepared I am for the real world. I have to pay for my own phone bill, insurance, find an apartment with an affordable rent, cable, water, electric, student loans, save for retirement, transportation, food, getting my hair done, taking care of my dog, taking care of myself, file my taxes, etc. While everyone else has been panicking about finals I’ve been panicking about why noone prepared me for this next step. Then I saw how much money Uncle Sam would be taking out of my potential paychecks I got pissed. And to make matters worse, when I saw what the average salary is for someone who works in higher ed I realized that my days of having shopping sprees at Coach and J. Crew were over.


Bye Bye reckless, selfish, irresponsible college years. It’s been real.



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