When Hard Work Isn’t Enough

Relationships are work. I mean, they are a full time job. I have always heard this saying but it’s always something that it difficult to conceptualize until you are in a relationship that is worth working hard for. But what happens when you’re the only one working in a relationship?


It’s always difficult to know when to throw in the towel. To know when your hard work is bordering on desperation. Every person is different as is every relationship. Putting in more effort in one relationship may show your partner that you truly care and are committed to making things work, while putting more effort in another may be pointless and a eye opener for you to show you that maybe your love has reached its end.


Yesterday I had two separate conversations with some girlfriends about their love lives. One had literally waited years for this guy to truly appreciate her only to have that all come crashing down to a halt when she emotionally confronted him about his inability to commit to either a friendship or relationship despite her constant support of him. The other faced herself being betrayed by an old love, and probably someone that she will love forever who is now secretly and supposedly dating a close friend.


This morning I was reading an article about how if if women want their relationship to last than they should let their men cheat. Or rather they should be open and give their man the freedom to cheat because that then gives the woman the power in the relationship. It is absolutely ridiculous to me that a woman will knowingly and I’m sure begrudgingly let her man cheat all for the sake of keeping power in the relationship.


Where does a woman draw the line between compromising to help make a relationship work and losing all sense of herself in the process…





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