Daily Affirmation

Today was Day 2 of Insanity. I started feeling the effects of yesterdays workout around 9p and I assume I’ll start to feel the effects of today’s workout around 1 or 2p. It’s no wonder people have such great results. Shaun T has you doing football drills, suicides, basketball drills, ski movements and a bunch of other workouts. Come April I won’t even want to keep my clothes on because I’ll want to show off my new body. ;p But seriously, if you are interested in a new workout program or are like me and want to mix up your old routine, I highly recommend this program. You could purchase it from the website or from QVC like I did. Ok that was my plug of the day.

Today I have two videos. One is a video that I watch at least once a week. I hope everyone has at least seen it once, if not I’m about to make your morning. Seriously, I can’t help but clap along with little Jessica and talk about all the great things that are going on in my life as well.

And today’s song of the day is another 90’s throwback by Eagle Eye Cherry. If you can’t tell by now. I love 90’s and 80’s music. And Celine Dion. Pat Benatar will be gracing this blog soon as well. I couldn’t upload the video because of all of the different music laws but you can at least listen to it. Enjoy! 🙂

UPDATE: Scratch that. They won’t let me show the video. 😦 Anyone know how I can play my own music or add it to this page?


One thought on “Daily Affirmation

  1. This child was the cutest thing since Smurfette. She seemed like she maybe one Oreo too many at snack time, but I appreciated her energy. lol

    As for the music thing, you can pay to be able to add music to your wordpress. Or, you could do what I did – just upload the song to a free filesharing spot like mediafire.

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