$258!?! Seriously…

$258. Yep, that’s how much I managed to spend on my recent trip to the grocery store. Oh and in case you were wondering, that is just for one person. How does one person spend that much on groceries? Trying to be healthy and curiosity.

I’ve always hated going to the grocery store mainly because I always buy more than I had intended. I understand the general rules of never shopping while hungry and never going without a list. But they never mention curiosity. Anyways, I tackle the grocery store just like most people do. I start on the right where the bakery and fresh produce is and work my way over to the left finishing up in the frozen foods/beer aisle. I used to wonder why they had the two together but now I’ve figured it out. I’ll include that at the end of the post.

So anyways I begin in the fruits and veggies section. I love having fresh fruits and veggies to eat, they’re healthy and make great guilt free snacks. What I don’t like is how expensive it is to eat “fresh” needless to say before I leave this area, I’m already at approx $50. Then I go past the fish section. Grab some Tilapia and Flounder and there goes another $25. Then I stroll through the aisles picking up “staple” items. Rice, dressings, condiments, wine. I’ve never understood why the wine aisle is in the middle of the store but whatever, I grab two bottles of sangria and keep truckin. Then I get to the beauty aisle. It is really expensive to smell acceptable. Deodorant is high, shower gel is expensive and so are tampons!! But it’s not like you can do without them so into the basket they go. This is where my curiosity gets me. I’ll admit that advertisers suck me in sometimes. Especially hose Oil of Olay and Dove commercials. Am I using the right moisturizer? Is my shower gel fully absorbing into my skin. I spend a good 5-7 minutes on this aisle product and price comparing. And usually I leave with whatever I’ve been using and if I do switch it up I don’t really feel the differences. By the time I get to the bread aisle which usually comes right before the frozen foods section, I’m tired and I’ve gotten snacky. And here is where the beer/frozen food section come in handy. At this point in my journey, my shopping cart is packed with things I needed, things I didn’t know I needed, and things that just looked yummy. So I make my final turn before heading to the finish line. At this point I have everything I need to make a variety of meals. Unfortunately I’m too exhausted to do that, so I grab some Stouffers (I like the pasta and vegetable ones) and a pack of beer and head to check out. I can’t even bear to look at the price. I grab my stuff, load it in the car and head home. As soon as I get home I realize the other reason why I hate grocery shopping. I live on the 3rd floor. And there are no elevators. Four trips later and everything is put away. I toss my stouffers meal in the pot, grab a beer and collapse on the couch. $258 lighter and I have once again been defeated by the grocery store.


2 thoughts on “$258!?! Seriously…

  1. “It is really expensive to smell acceptable.”

    True story!! But that may just be me as a different type of dude. I’m particularly picky about my toiletries. “Suave” is a no go. lol

    I feel you entirely on this post. I’m a big fruit and juice person and it’s CRAZY how much they add up on a receipt. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola brand sodas at Kroger are still 5 for $5. Clearly, they don’t want us to be healthy, at least not without paying a price for it. *sigh*

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