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Well helllllloooooo!!! Wow, it’s been a good minute since I’ve made a post. Sorry but life happened. Nothing particularly interesting happened in February other than getting extremely busy with school and work. Oh and I went to Vegas! I’ve been before but this was the first time where I went with friends. I was going to write a post about it but I have opted against it in the off chance that I decide to run for a political position. But I’ll just say that I had a GREAT time.

Also, I made it to Month 2 of Insanity!! I have no idea who in the world came up with some of those moves, but they are working so I guess I won’t complain too much.

But back to the main purpose of this post. So my best friend recently informed me that she had ventured to the world of online dating. Now I have no problem with it, in fact I figure in a few years, I too will be enlisting eHarmony’s help to find my match (those commercials look so convincing). However, that would be a few years down the road, and only if I entered a severe dating drought. But anyways, my friend is only 22 years old. Whenever I think of online dating I always think of a minimum age being around 28 or 30 before you start to use it. But I guess she couldn’t wait that long.

So anyways, she used as her agency of choice and as she told me “started getting messages and winky faces” not long after she signed up and had two dates this past weekend neither of which went amazingly well, but hey that’s life.

But her whole experience got me wondering when and under what circumstances should someone try online dating. It would almost be an interesting future blog or blog post if I had the time to do so. Has anyone tried it or have an opinion on the matter?




4 thoughts on “Online Dating

  1. Ok, so I just stumbled upon your blog, and had to respond to this post 🙂 I’m the big 2-8 and Yes, I’ve done the online dating thing…LOL! I had to chuckle when I read your thoughts about the ages for those who go online to find a mate and I think your prediction is right. At this point, women like myself begin to think about marriage, kids, etc, and since the dating pool of eligible African-American professional, Christian men is low (in my opinion) I tried eharmony. Out of hundreds of guys, I met ONE!!!!!!! We “talked” for a while, but his studies is is #1 priority…so I’m waiting on God to send the right one! My profile is still on eharmony, but I don’t check it…I’m not pressed…I know the right man will come …some day!

    Please check out my blog and look under “single and saved” we talk about this kinda think all the time…LOL! Enjoy

    • 28 is my age I’ve decided that if I’m not married I will begin the process for adoption. Because I want to be a Mom before I’m 30. You are right the pool is becoming very small. I don’t have a lengthy list of requirements, it’s only 5 things really and I find that I have a hard time finding men that meet that criteria and that I would genuinely be interested in dating. I know that the right man will come around when I least expect it and when it’s in God’s plan but patience is not one of strong skills haha.

      I love the blog. I already went and subscribed to it.

  2. Well Tava (sorry! my contacts are dry!- please delete the above!), I would say not to easily judge the only circumstances you might consider online dating. Sometimes, things just happen and you might get curious enough to see the kind of faces and profiles featured (since the browsing is free, thats the bait) I recently decided I would try online dating as another avenue for meeting young men. I paid for a subscription on Match for 1 month, and although I wasn’t in the position to go out on a whole lotta dates, I have virtually kept in contact with some folk. People are on there for all different reasons (some more obvious than others) who don’t have time to be as social due to jobs, school, and who are looking for compatibility.
    I can’t say what my success rate is, but Im hoping that even if theres no romantic connection, I will have made some good friends. Sounds lame, but I mean it.

  3. Hmm I had not thought of the companionship aspect. I’m very intrigued by it but I have no time. I already neglect my regular friends, I’d feel bad neglecting a stranger. And I just don’t think I’d have the guts to do it. I’m so shy when I don’t know someone and kind of awkward. The entire process just seems like it would stress me out. But who knows, maybe there will be a groupon for a free month on an online dating service.

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