Come on Adulthood!

So I’ve reached a slump in my blogging. Not because there is nothing going on in my life, but there is nothing blog worthy. Well, let me refrain that, there is plenty going on in my life. However, much of it would be about other people and I don’t need any more drama in my life. But I digress.

I’ve come to realize that I am ready for adulthood. About this time last year, I would get sick just thinking about the idea of having a 9-5, having to pay bills, and having to behave in an appropriate behavior. I mean, once you reach a certain age it is no longer acceptable to spend your Sundays nursing a hangover wishing you would have stopped after the fourth shot. But this whole going to school AND working business is not cool. Graduate school is apparently where you go to get that extra boost to push you out into the real world. I’ve found that I actually enjoy working. Granted I don’t go in until noon and have Fridays off, but the time I spend in the office is enjoyable and entertaining. What I don’t like is getting off at five and then having to wait for my 3-hr evening class to start. I may as well get rid of my cable service because I don’t even watch tv anymore. Heck, I hardly even go out anymore unless it is a trip planned months in advance. But I guess that’s the price I pay for an advanced degree, more debt piled onto my already high pile of debt, and hopefully a better chance at finding a job come next year. Cheers to advanced knowledge.




2 thoughts on “Come on Adulthood!

  1. Cheers because you wouldn’t have it any other way right now. I’m starting pre-reqs this fall, and Im READY to go back to school. There’s just no jobs for people with BA’s like me. 😦

    • That’s one of the main reasons that I am in grad school. All of the jobs I wanted “required” a Master’s. But silly me, today I decided to stroll over to FedLoans and see how much I’ll owe when all of this is said and done. After staring at the screen and doing some calculations, I realized that the comma was in fact in the right spot. 😦

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