Oh Envy.

**WARNING. The following post is a venting session. Proceed with caution.

Last week, well actually the past few weeks but this past week especially was a really rough week for me. I once again fell victim to what I consider THE deadliest sin. Envy.

Every where I looked people seemed to be living these amazing lives. One of my best friends is living the life in my favorite city (Washington, DC), happily in love with a guy she has been seeing for over a year and a half and was on her way via limo to Atlantic City for the weekend. Another was raving about this guy she had met online and how fantastic he was blah blah blah. And it doesn’t help that every time I check my twitter or facebook people are talking about how wonderful their lives are or how they got into this program or were awarded this award or are celebrating umpteen months/years with their significant others. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even check social media sites anymore.

Now I’m happy for them all, don’t get me wrong. But it seems like everyone has been on a happiness/my life is fabulous high just as I have hit my low. And I’m sure that my foul mood has to do with the end of the semester and the fact that my grad program is practically imploding, I’ve hit my limit for group work assignments, and I am somehow surrounded by low achievers (which you think wouldn’t exist in grad school but they do). So I will be spending the next couple of weeks zening out, cutting my hair (AAAhhh!! I’m so excited about it, later post about that), and planning my next move for when I finish my program this year. And hopefully finding my positive sprit again.

**Edit: While making this post I asked my BFF when she was going on her date with “prince charming” whom she had been communicating with and going on and on about. Her reply: “last week. Pretty sure he took a strand of hair & has a shrine of me at home. On to the next one…” It’s good to have her back. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Oh Envy.

  1. HAHA! This post was hilarious,no warning needed, it’s absolutely natural to feel that way at times. I loved the edit, but now Im a little scared since I have to meet someone when I get back to NY who I met online. His online persona is cool, but really the determining factor is the real live interaction.Skurred!

    • Good Luck. I’ve been living vicariously through my friend. She was on match.com. She had 4 dates that ended up being duds. But one of my classmates married someone she met on facebook so maybe there’s still hope!

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