The BC is in sight!!

So I have been transitioning for 4 months as of today! I’m very excited. It feels like it’s been so much longer but I guess not. My intention was to transition for 6 months but I don’t think that’s going to work in this Florida humidity. I have been wearing my hair in curly hairstyles using Curlformers (which work great! No heat needed) to help blend the two textures. However a couple weeks ago I went for my usual morning run right after taking out the curlers. This hadn’t been a problem in the previous months, but that’s because it was still fairly cool and the air was dry. Not anymore.

The temp is FL is already into the 90s and the humidity is slowly but surely creeping back up. After that run, what were cute curls turned into a frizzy, lifeless mess. Since I don’t want to put braids in my hair and I’m not willing to sacrifice my workout routine just to keep a hairstyle, it seems as though I have no choice but to BC. I’m not too upset about it because I’m not super obsessed with my hair. In fact I’m looking forward to being able to wash and go and rinse my hair as much as needed without having to worry about styling it. But at the same time I’m nervous because it will be weird not having anything really to run my fingers through and not have to worry about curling my hair or what I will do with it that day. I have been thinking about doing it on April24th but we shall see. I will be sure to include photos and turn it into a post when I do. 🙂



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