Getting Picked up While Running

I’m sure that many people have run across this, but it still fascinates me. It is shocking to me the number of men that try to holler at me while I’m out running. Does it not look like I’m busy?? Not only that but I am not looking my best when I run. I’m not one of those cutesie runners. Who has perfect hair pulled back into a cute ponytail or bun, with mascara and lip gloss on, a tank top, and cute running shorts. No. I’m usually in leggings or pants, some sort of t-shirt with sleeves that I can wipe my sweat of with, a sweatband and my hair in my tiny little afro, while listening to my iPod. Oh and depending on whether or not you catch me at the beginning or end of a run I might be heaving.

Nothing about how I look when I run looks attractive or says, “Hey! I’m a single gal interested in my health and being physically fit looking for a guy who does the same. Interested applicants please interrupt my run.” Negative. When I’m running I mean business. Get my miles in, clear my head, listen to good music, then go home and go about my day. Matter of fact, if you interrupt me while I’m running for no other reason then to chat with me. You may get a death glare or a few choice words. And if you just have to know more about me. Write a post on Craiglists missed Connections. I’ll probably never see it , but hey, at least you tried.


4 thoughts on “Getting Picked up While Running

  1. Ha! I can only imagine. This hasn’t happened to me recently (the wedding rings pretty much are a dead giveaway that I’m not available), but it did before I was married. I would always think, “Now what kind of man would think THIS is sexy???” Like you, when I’m running (or at the gym), I’m there to make every second count. I’m not there to hang out, chit chat, or be terribly social. The way I feel about it is if a guy wants to join in on your run (not talk to you, not bother you) and then talk to you when your finished, then fine. But he should not be so bold as to think that talking to him is more important to you than you getting your sweat on. Plus, if he can hang with you for a few miles, his intentions might be more noble than the trashy guy honking and yelling from his car on the other side of the street. 🙂

    • Exactly. If he can hang for a few miles then great! But the honking is annoying and makes me a little uneasy as I don’t always know their intentions.

  2. Girl, you should be flattered! And there´s nothing that turns some men on like a woman who cares about her figure or health. So maybe, depending on their approach (honking, uh, no!) you should try giving them the time of day.

    • If he went about it the right way I would certainly consider it. But usually it’s someone pulling slowly pulling along side me and since I run alone I get a little jittery and go into fight or flight mode.

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