Low Maintenance Natural

I am a low maintenance natural. And I’m okay with that.

So I’ve been natural for about 1.5 months!! So excited. And I’m realizing that I am a low maintenance natural. During my transition process I was on Youtube and CurlyNikki every day. Alllll day. I now have about 6 different shampoos, 10 different shampoos and countless other moisturizers, oils and creams. I’m a for sure PJ (product junkie). I wash my hair once a week or every week and a half depending on my workout routine and cowash several times a week and rinse pretty much every day. Since I have a TWA I  mostly do wash and go’s which I LOVE!!  Love! Love Love!! So easy. Anyways, today I was on the CN forums and there was a thread about finger coils. After reading about them and seeing how easy they are to do I figured I’d try them. I did 3 and gave up. They’re not hard, but I’m not really in the mood to spend the next few hours twirling my hair. No thank you. Not only that but I was looking at the results of a coil out and they were very similar to how my 2nd day hair looks. When my hair gets longer I look forward to doing large chunky twists, or even just two strand twists every now and then. But for the time being, I’m going to enjoy having short hair and not having to do much with it other than keep it moisturized. Being natural doesn’t have to mean doing the most with your hair. It’s really about doing what’s best for it.




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