It’s the Final Countdown!!

Do Do Do Dooo! Do Do Do Do Dooo! Ok, now that I have that out of my system. Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah is only 20 days away!! Holy cream puff, Batman!!

Marathon #2

I remember after my first marathon back in January. I was in so much pain afterwards that I wasn’t even thinking about running another marathon. Heck, thoughts of never running again ran through my head. However, the next day I was already planning my next one. I intended on running the NYC Marathon, but when I wasn’t selected for the lottery I signed up for this one. I’m very excited because the Rock ‘n’ Roll series puts on great races.

Today I had my last long training run before I start tapering. I ran 20 miles in 3:35. I felt good the first half, but definitely started feeling a little sluggish around mile 16. By the time I finished I was just ready to be done. The last 6.2 come race day will be sheer will power. Ideally I’d like to run under 4:30 but I’m not going to put any pressure on myself. Given today’s run I feel confident that I will PR regardless.

In less happy news, I found out that my dad will not be running the half. The poor man has yet another stress fracture. He had to go to 3 different doctors before they knew what it was. He injured himself a while back on a run he, my brother and I were doing. And him being the stubborn person that he is refused to see a doctor. I keep telling him that he’s no spring chicken anymore. He’s pretty bummed out about it about I’m glad he finally found out what it was that was bothering him and that he will hopefully stay off it or at least incorporate other exercises in his routine.



2 thoughts on “It’s the Final Countdown!!

  1. Hey Lady! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Good luck with the giveaway 🙂 In running news – sorry to hear about your dad…what a bummer 😦 But I am excited for your Marathon #2!! I would LOVE to run the half in Savannah. Maybe next year?!

    • Thanks! He’s bummed but he’s recovering well. He’s a busy body like me so he’s not used to having to sit still and not be active but he’ll get through it. Yes! This is the first year they are having it there so be on the look out for my race recap!

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