Pre-Race Jitters

Pre-race jitters. Everyone gets them. Mine are me second guessing myself. While talking to my mom today I found out that she and my Dad would not be making the trip down. I figured they wouldn’t because he was only discharged today but there was still a little glimmer of hope that I had. My brother is supposedly still coming down to run but he’s still teetering out of the teenage angst stage of his life and has unpredictable mood swings. So as far as support goes, I’ll have none.

Today my mom asked if I was ready for the race. I mumbled something back to her that I can’t even recall and said something along the lines of ‘ready as I’m going to be’. I’m starting to wonder if I’m ready for this race. I think it has a lot to do with the whole taper thing. I feel like I haven’t been running enough this week or last but that’s apparently what you’re supposed to do. Hopefully it works.

The race

This race is going to be interesting, to say the least. I mentioned it on my twitter as well as the facebook page for the event but this race is definitely not marathon runner centered. There’s a half and a full and it seems like the half marathon runners get all of the advantages. The event organizers are telling spectators to be around the start finish and mile 8. They say that the rest of the course may not be accessible to vehicles due to road closures. Say what?!?! So miles 9- 26 are going to be real lonely. Then I decided that I wanted to see the course from a the street level or slightly above it. Thankfully due to technology today and Google Maps this is all possible. And I wish it wasn’t. Whenever I imagine people putting together the course for a race, I imagine it will go through the best parts of your city. I mean in essence races as large as this one help with tourism because people will hopefully want to return after visiting for the race. I guess I just hoped that the course would be a nice scenic one instead of the backroads course it appears to be.

Another thing I discovered is that I won’t get to see the headlining Carolina Liar concert. That is unless I have an AMAZING race on saturday and PR by an hour and a half. I hope to PR but not by that much. In any case, the race starts at 7:30a and Carolina Liar goes on stage at 10:30a. Meaning that some marathoners will still be running while the “Finish Line Festival” that’s “supposed” to be for the participants is going on. This just really bothers me and boggles my mind. I mean it’s common sense to me that that seems a little unfair but maybe not everyone else. Or maybe they’re trying to encourage everyone to BQ so that they can see the group perform. No offense race organizers, but it’s going to take a group much bigger than Carolina Liar to get me to quicken up my pace by that much.

BUT, the weather is supposed to be great, and this will be my first time going to Savannah. And it’s my 2nd marathon! That’s pretty cool. I’m going to try to stop sweating the little unimportant things (like I usually do) and instead just focus on having fun and enjoying myself.




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