Tackling the Wall

So I’ve hit a wall. Not in a bad way. But in a ‘I’m satisfied with what I’ve done’ way. I often set fitness goals for myself that I hope to achieve. A strong upper body, toned arms, a toned back, and sexy abs. I’ll spend at least 4 nights at the gym taking classes ranging from pilates to cardio kickboxing to upper body blast. I’ll wake up at 5a to make it to the 6a spinning class and then spend my alternating mornings and weekends running. After I start to see the results within a few weeks, my gym time decreases. I snooze through the spinning class and my morning runs are pushed to the weekends. In my head I know I should go to the gym, I know I should wake up earlier and go to spinning. But I look in the mirror and say ‘Meh, I still look ok. I can go tomorrow.’ Fast forward a few weeks and next thing you know your pants are feeling a lot more snug.

It’s ironic because in all other areas of my life I would never settle for mediocrity. So why do I settle when it comes to my fitness?

So I’m making a little pledge with myself now. I’m holding myself accountable to no longer settle when I think I look ok, but to continue pushing myself and striving for more.



One thought on “Tackling the Wall

  1. I hit snooze a few times too many and too often myself. And I’ve still got some improvements to make. Even when I know I see changes in the gym, I still skip. I’m right there with ya. You never regret a workout!!

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