Standards of Beauty

Is the Black woman considered beautiful and desireable anymore?


While flipping through channels, I landed on Las Vegas. I’d heard of the show but never watched it. One of the main characters is a Black man who married a Brown woman one drunken night. Granted the circumstances weren’t idea and she was quite beautiful, it got me thinking. Will there be a time when Black women will be fated to be single for all of their lives.


With the exception of my Dad and a few of my Uncles, the men in my familly and many of my male friends seem to have a case of jungle fever. I don’t have a problem with interracial dating but I will be the first to admit that I do get annoyed and somewhat disappointed whenever I see a Black man walking down the street with his non-Black partner. And apparently a lot of it has to do with their preferences in women. Light skinned, long hair, light eyes. AkA Not Black. Now there are a few Black women who do look like this, but maybe I should emphasize A FEW. It just makes it harder on the rest of us Black Women to try to live up to these ideals.


Why is your hair so short? Oh I don’t know. Maybe my hair wasn’t designd to go all down my back, or maybe I like short hair. Why don’t you wear color contacts? You’d be real pretty with lighter eyes. Well maybe I like my eye color and don’t think I should have to go around deceiving people in order to be more attractive.


And I won’t even begin to get into body ideals.


I guess my main point is, just be real. If the ideal woman you’re describing sounds like a white girl. It’s probably a white girl. Don’t say you like black women and then make all these stipulations. I mean it’s good to have standards, but come on.


That’s all I have for now.